Seed Co-op

Transition Marquette County invites you to be part of our 2017 Seed Co-op!

We have an excellent variety of quality seeds, perfect for UP gardens, at the lowest prices anywhere.

Why do we do this?  We want to encourage our neighbors in Marquette County to try to grow at least some of their own healthy food by providing access to affordable, quality seed. We’re also trying to grow a more resilient community by offering and supporting learning opportunities for all of us regarding food security and other important local sustainability issues.

What are the seeds?  All of our seeds are non-GMO, and nearly all are either heirloom or open pollinated — great for seed-saving!  The varieties we offer are based on what is most appropriate for our climate/region, easy to grow, most desirable, best use of time and space, and easy to store.

How does the TMC Seed Co-op do this?  There are two expenses we have to account for in order for this to work:  the monetary cost of seed and materials, and the considerable amount of labor it takes to take bulk orders of seed and carefully package them up in many thousands of envelopes. When you buy seeds from the TMC Seed Co-op, you are helping us meet both of those costs.

How can you buy seeds AND help the Co-op?

1. First, you must buy a $5 annual membership (available as an item on our online Store). Membership allows for the Seed Co-op to legally buy and resell seeds. This money is used primarily to offset normal expenses and provide for other membership opportunities and events throughout the year.

2.  As a Seed Co-op Member, you can earn credit towards any of your purchases from the Seed Store. We strongly value the efforts of our volunteer workers — we can’t function without you! We have volunteer opportunities from time to time that we publicize widely.

Purchases from our online Store will be available for Pick-Up Only.  Payment options are PayPal or cash/check (payable to Transition Marquette County) at the time of pick-up.

  • For the rest of May this year seed orders placed by 5pm on Tuesday can be picked up on Wednesdays between 3 pm and 7 pm. at the Climbers’ Co-op house, 225 N Fourth St., Marquette, MI  (Note new pick-up location.)
  • We’ll have your seed order there, along with your invoice which will reflect any work credit you’ve earned.

Where and When will the Work Session be?  If you’ve helped us before, you know how much fun work sessions can be, and how vital they are to make it all happen. Some of you, no doubt, have made great friends at these events. If you haven’t helped us yet, you’ll be glad you did — and so will we! Think co-operative! Currently we have no work sessions scheduled.  If we have your email, we will notify you when one is planned.

How do you get started?  Visit our Seed Store by clicking the “Place Your Order Here” link below, and check out what’s available.

In addition to several new varieties this year, you’ll find the Superior Collection  (featuring 15 types of seed for an incredible price!) and some of previous year’s seeds, too — all at amazing savings!

Please be sure to buy a Membership and volunteer to help us out, too.  Thanks!

Contact us at if you have questions.

Place Your Order Here!

Seed Saving — So we’ll have our own seeds! If you are interested in working with other Seed Co-op members to learn about and practice the skill of saving seeds, send an e-mail to Mike Riesterer here:

Planting instructions for 2015 & 2016 TMC seeds to be published soon.

Planting instructions for 2014  TMC seeds can be found here.

Planting instructions for 2013 TMC seeds can be found here.

Planting instructions for 2012 TMC seeds can be found here.


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