Seed Swap and Seed Start – it’s time!!

Growing your Food Session 5 –

Session 5:  March 16 @ 7 pm


Marquette Missionary Church, 1804 Wright St.

Presenters:  Ray Bush, Farm Manager, Partridge Creek Farm;  Lanae Joubert, Nutrition Educator, Northern Mich. Univ.

Soil, site — and now seeds! Ray Bush, Farm Manager at Partridge Creek Farm, will work with us on planning a garden using the “square foot gardening method“.   A special “work it thru” handout will be provided (bring a pencil). Count on a lot of Q + A . . .

In addition, Lanae Joubert, an NMU nutrition educator, will give us examples of what we can grow that will provide the same or better nutritional value as the food that’s shipped from far away (at great expense) up to the U.P. 

No, you do not need to bring a pot of soil.

Then here’s an event you’ll be interested in –

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