Growing Your Own Food in the UP!

Growing Your Own Food in the U.P!



Session 3:  January 19 @ 7 pm

Marquette Missionary Church, 1804 Wright St.

Presenter:  Mike Riesterer

Miss Sessions 1 and 2 ?  No problem — jump in now — you’re good to go !

In Session 2 we explored soil biology, soil structure and texture and put together a good working soil using hands-on “media recipes”. Soil work will continue in Session 3, but first:

Mike Riesterer will introduce a novel permaculture system he and his family have been developing over the last couple of years to help them build a sustainable system for growing food in the U.P. — not easy and not always successful !

Mike has implemented many permaculture-esque innovations which utilize natural sources of nutrition, an on-site fish pond and animal husbandry — all in a residential setting. He will walk us through his home-based system in a series of photos and diagrams.

Session 3 hands-on segment:

Four different soil building work stations will be set up for those who bring in their soil samples.
Newbies can jump in now, too,

so everyone should bring some soil !
Worm castings will be introduced to complete a biologically rich soil sample for starting greens or other plants in your windows all the way until (an early?) spring!


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